Payment & Cancelation policy for reservations and services:


48 hours after the reservation is confirmed and within the period of 90 to 30 days prior to check-in, the downpayment in the amount of 50% of the reservation value, will be subtracted off the total and will be held for the account of ParseaVillas. Within this given time period, the downpayment is no longer refundable. Downpayment must be settled within 48 hours in order for ParseaVillas to reserve the unit/s requested.


For cancellations that occur within 30 days prior to reservation, there’s no refund and the host (ParseaVillas) will be entitled to 100% of the value of the reservation. The total reservation settlement (100%) needs to be paid off by the customer, within 24hours of the cancellation notice. Reservations being made within 30days must be also settled by 100% of the total reservation and within a 24hr period after confirmation. Reservations made within 30 days prior to check-in have a 24hr period, after confirmation to proceed to cancellation.


Payment terms being made through the booking engine or direct booking link (plugin app) of the website, might vary according to the payment terms and cancellation policy of the third-party plugin app. Payment terms & conditions are described accordingly on the direct booking links webpage.


Once a customer redirects to a different accommodation website through (ex, payments terms and regulations change accordingly as the third party host or business refers on his/her payment terms & policy. (ParseaVillas) isn’t burdened and/or linked with responsibilities, that occur if a customer proceeds in reservations or transactions with third parties. Customer needs to always evaluate and understand terms & conditions before proceeding to any transaction and reservation, both physical and online.


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