We do not share any secret ingredients. We don’t share a story that is much different than yours. We collected pretty much stardust to create what we believed was right, and at the time that happened to be a center. Using the word center is probably the most accurate that we could use as life comes in waves. The sweet spot is always somewhere in the middle or in the center as we recommend.

We would like to think of the concept of Parsea not only as a wide range of mostly substantial accommodation units but that infamous center that we’re all looking for. Not an escape but an immersion in life, in simplicity and all the fruits it has to offer.

Sometimes the noise we endure overwhelms us and disoriented we pursue complexity rather than simplicity. The solution is not glamorous. A sunset and a view of the night sky, salt blue waters, and your bare feet buried in the hot sand. The simple connection with all or else, the essential oil that nourishes the body and soul and keeps us moving. Towards where? We don’t know but we’re human, we move towards the unknown.

Accommodation in Greece
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